The 9 Scariest Things About Instant Pot (That Aren’t Really a Big Deal)

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Do you have an Instant Pot? Have you used it yet? If not, chances are you’re like me and totally freaked out about what could go wrong once you turn this bad boy on. Will you be blown up into smithereens? Will you get burned by hot, hot fluids and look like a monster for the rest of your life? Will it be hard to set everything up to even get going in the first place?

First, whew – take a breather sister (or brother). The good news is that Instant Pot is SUPER easy to use and not scary at all. The truth is, YOU CAN DO THIS. So, to help your fears subside, I’ve collected NINE scary things we all experience, but in the end aren’t a big deal at all once you get going.

#1. BOOM! It just exploded!

This is the most common fear when you first buy a pressure cooker. Here’s the thing – Instant Pot has built-in safety features that make an explosion darn near impossible. Because it is electric, the system naturally, and gradually, releases pressure on its own. An explosion won’t happen. So, put this fear away. You’re not going to be blown up any time soon with the Instant Pot.

#2. The Water Test? Wait – what?!

Ok. You’ve probably read the instructions and feel overwhelmed. You’ve heard about the water (or steam) test, but aren’t sure where to start or how to judge whether or not you are doing it right. That’s perfectly normal. There are many, many videos on YouTube to help show you how to do this, but to keep things simple, it works like this:

  • Check your lid. Make sure the silicon ring is in, and sitting correctly.
  • Put 2 – 3 cups of water in the liner pot (the stainless steel one).
  • Place and close the lid (turn clockwise) on the Instant Pot. Make sure the floating valve (release nozzle) is closed or on “sealing” mode (turn clockwise). It will feel loose. That’s ok.
  • Press “Steam” or “Manual” button. It will say “30” when you do that.
  • Press the minus symbol and change the time to 2 minutes.
  • DONE.

The pot will pre-heat. Once it has come to pressure the 2 minute countdown begins. When it’s done, the display will change to a bunch of zeros. This means it is in warm mode. You can quick release the pressure (use a utensil to move the nozzle), or let it naturally release. The pressure is out of the pot when you can easily turn the lid counterclockwise. Don’t ever force the lid.

#3. OMG – The Quick Release

The quick release is LOUD. You will not expect it, but don’t worry. It’s doing its thang, you know? Once it quiets down a bit, you know the pressure has been released. It is necessary to get comfortable with this for some recipes.

#4. Buttons. Buttons. Buttons…*crying*… buttons…

I know, I know. Seeing all those buttons is scary! Like, how could you ever know what they do?! The good news is that they are extremely obvious. For example Steam = steam; Yogurt = yogurt; Beans = beans. Each button has predetermined times to help you navigate cooking with an electric pressure cooker. And remember, because you can’t blow up your house with this machine, play around with it. Soon enough you’ll be comfortable enough to use manual pressure every single time. 🙂

#5. What if the dinner I make sucks?!

It won’t. Just, it won’t.

#7. All I want is yogurt, but it looks daunting.

No way, Jose! It’s SO SIMPLE. Momma Chick even said, “Really? That’s it!?” Yes. That’s it. Check out my Beginner’s Guide to Instant Pot Yogurt to see what I mean.

#8. There aren’t enough recipes for me

There are groups on Facebook dedicated to cooking in whatever style of meals you want to make with the Instant Pot. I am apart of a Whole30 group, a SIBO group, a Low Carb Group, and so many more! There are, and will be even more recipes as the popularity of this machine grows.

Also, remember that you can use ANY pressure cooker recipe. Just increase the time by about 10%.

#9. I never want to cook without my Instant Pot

Scary how attached you’re going to get to this beauty. But really – isn’t it scarier to think that you didn’t have it before?! AAAAH!


What do you guys think was scariest about the Instant Pot when you first bought it?


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