Instant Pot and How it Changed the Way I Cook

Instant Pot

I’ve been looking to get one of those pressure cookers that cook anything within minutes for awhile, but my memories sort of prevented me from investing in one.  My mom used a pressure cooker to can vegies, make jelly, and make dry beans soft for cooking.  I didn’t have much interest in these features.  Although I do make all of those things, I have a method I use for each one, none of them requiring said pressure cooker.  This includes rice which I make the traditional way on the stove top.

That being said, I still was on the look out because so many people have been singing the pressure cooker praises.  Heck, Instant Pot even has it’s own Facebook page.  The choices are many within the pressure cooker commuity with a myriad of reviews on Youtube for each one.  Not to mention all the size choices anywhere for 4 quarts to 10 quarts.  The only reason I can see anyone needing a 10 quart pressure cooker is if you frequently are canning.  Needless to say, I was confused.  I finally sought the opinion of my cousin, Jon Lusty.  He’s been using Instant Pot for awhile and frequently posts recipes for our extended family across the net.  It just so happened that this inquiry and the Prime Sale on Amazon.com coincided, so I snagged an Instant Pot for the very low price of 69.99!  I chose the 6 quart size and I think it was the right one for me.  With my choice made, I excitedly waited for 2 sleepless nights–well, I may be exaggerating a tad–until my new Instant Pot came in the mail.

“Read the instructions carefully”

I was so excited, I literally jumped up and down when my husband hauled it in off the porch.  I opened it up immediately and pulled all of the parts and information out of the box.  Read the instructions carefully. Two words of warning:  Don’t pull off the plastic cover on the inside of the lid.  This is the cover for the pressure release button.  The silver guard for the vent is removable for cleaning, but be sure and replace it before using your Instant Pot again.  I also recommend doing the steam test given in the booklet.  It kind of acquaints you with the Instant Pot and helps you gain confidence in using it.

My very first Instant Pot recipe was boiled eggs.  Yes!  You can boil eggs in this thing and they are perfect everytime.  All you do is put 6 eggs on the grate (included with the Instant Pot), 1 cup of water in the bottom, press manual for 6 minutes, and you have hard boiled eggs.  I was so impressed by this that I posted my boiled eggs on facebook.  lol  Hey, it means no more blown up eggs in my kitchen because I forgot them.  Next I tried Irish oatmeal.  We love oatmeal at our house but making Irish oatmeal on the stovetop is tedious and in the crock pot it gets too mushy.  I really had my fingers crossed on this one.  I put 1 cup of oatmeal and 3 cups of water with a little salt into the Instant Pot, pressed porridge cycle and hoped for the best.  It was perfect!  I’ve had the Instant Pot a week, and we’ve eaten Irish oatmeal twice already.

Do I sound like a believer?  You better believe it.

After all of this, I had to stretch out and try to make a meal for my family.  I decided on shrimp fried rice.  My husband loves it and I thought rice should be a good choice for an Instant Pot meal.  I watched several demonstrations on the net, but none of them really fit the bill so I decided to make it my own way–easy and worry free.  My husband and son said we need to make this again and we don’t need to order take out fried rice ever again.  Do I sound like a believer?  You better believe it.  I love my new Instant Pot and plan to use it over and over again.  Want your own?  Get it HERE.  Sorry, it’s no longer on sale, but it’s still a great value.

This kitchen chicks recipe is basically and pour in and set the cycle recipe.  All you do is wait.  You can find the recipe here SHRIMP FRIED RICE or by clicking the picture.

Instant Pot Shrimp Fried Rice

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