Furr’s Cafeteria and Sweet Carrot Casserole

carrot casserole

It was just another casual day out with my husband.  We like to travel around town and go to random Good Will stores and this was our plan for that day.  We spied one down the block but decided we were hungry, so we stopped in at a Furr’s Cafeteria.  This wasn’t the new, open buffet type Furr’s.  It was the assembly line cafeteria style Furr’s.  We debated awhile and then thought, “How bad can it be?”  We walked up to the line, grabbed our plastic tray, cloth napkin and minimalist silverware and pushed our way down the steam tables full of food.  As you can imagine, it had all the regular fare;  chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, fried liver and onions, fried fish, and other assorted fried foods.  I scanned the assortment and finally decided on turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce.  What I didn’t realize is that even when you order turkey and dressing at Furr’s, you still get 2 sides.  I had settled on the fresh green beans and carrots, but couldn’t decide on a second.  I had all but given up when one of the guys at the steam table insisted I take some carrot casserole.  Now, carrot casserole didn’t sound any too appetizing to me and I tried very hard to dissuade him from giving me some, but he was having none of it.  I was getting the carrot casserole.  I smiled halfheartedly and told him I’d give it a whirl.  My husband who walked stunned behind me also received the carrot casserole.

carrot casserole

As I walked into the huge dining room and tried to pick a seat–there were numerous available–I stared down at the orange blob sprinkled with powdered sugar–yes, powdered sugar–and wondered what I had been thinking to let this guy talk me into this.  My husband chose an inconspicuous booth and we sat down to begin our lunch.  I have to say, the turkey and dressing wasn’t half bad.  I quite enjoyed it, but now the moment of truth was at hand–CARROT CASSEROLE.  I dipped in my spoon.  It was quite unexpectedly soft, almost a fluff.  I lifted the spoon to my nose and gently sniffed.  It seemed innocuous enough, so I took a little taste.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  It was like eating a delicious pudding only lighter and fluffier and oh so delicious.  That’s right, delicious. Those guys at the steam table know what they’re talking about.  I seriously could’ve eaten it as dessert.  My husband enjoyed every bite of his little orange blob commenting that he wished it had been a bigger orange blob.

Furr's Carrot Casserole

As we were making our way out, I marched right up to the steam table guy again and thanked him for his suggestion.  He smiled a broad smile and said, “You didn’t believe me did ya?”  No, I didn’t believe him, but I do now.  I spent 2 hours once I got home looking for the recipe and realized that at Furr’s, what they call carrot casserole, is really carrot souffle.  Now I’m sorting through recipes to see if I can determine which is the “right” recipe.  Then I want to adjust it to make it in my instant pot.  I can do this!  I have a few days before school is out, but once I’m home, it’s carrot souffle time.  Once I find the recipe I like, I’ll hook you up.  You have GOT to try this.  I promise not to scoop it into a dish and force it on your plate, but I will find a great recipe to make in your instant pot.  Keep watching for more news on the pursuit of the perfect carrot souffle!

UPDATE:  I’ve fashioned a recipe for the instant pot that my whole family enjoyed.  You can find it here:  Instant Pot Carrot Souffle

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