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The Kitchen Chicks - Dolly and Jackie

Hi! We’re the Kitchen Chicks!

Jackie and Dolly are the mother and daughter team behind Kitchen Chicks, bringing you delicious recipes that can be made easily at home any night of the week. The index of recipes spans from simple and kid-friendly to a bit more complicated and likely just-for-adults.

Come in, look around, and enjoy! We’re happy you’re here

Meet Jackie – The Momma Chick

jackie allison
Jackie Allison, lives in the Ft. Worth, Texas area where she teaches 4th graders.  She loves to cook all sorts of things, but main dishes and baked goods are her specialty.  Jackie has her own recipes for spaghetti sauce, beef stew, chicken stew, chicken pie, tuna salad and many more favorites.  You’ll be seeing a few of these in the coming months. Momma Chick doesn’t give these recipes out too often, so keep your eyes open!




Meet Dolly – The Baby Chick

dolly howard
Dolly Howard was born in Texas thanks to Momma Chick and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her wonderful husband and fluffy cockapoo puppy. She has been cooking with Momma Chick since she was old enough to stand on a chair and stir the cookie dough. Dolly’s cooking specialties include creative cookie recipes, quick meals, and healthy alternatives to southern cuisine. Dolly also likes to take on a beautiful gourmet meal from time to time as well. Lastly, she rocks at adjusting recipes to make an average recipe go from good to GREAT.

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